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Dieblast Noisiel

Global presence in different industries

Marketed under the DIEBLAST SYSTEMS brand, our company manufactures high-performance nylon and polycarbonate-based plastic blasting abrasives for a wide range of applications, including cryogenic and ambient deburring, injection mold cleaning and stripping. painting (aeronautics, automotive and others).


From cleaning/deburring delicate media such as microchips in the electronics industry to cryogenic deburring of precision rubber parts, DIEBLAST SYSTEMS has a product to suit a wide range of applications.


Under the name DIEBLAST JET PLAST, we manufacture type I, type II, type III and type V plastic media in accordance with the standard: U.S.A. Mil Spec P85891.

  • 300 +
    Satisfied customers
  • 29 +
    Years on the market

Act sustainably and with a view to the future

  • Manufacturing

    DIEBLAST SYSTEMS produces its ABRASIVES in England and Germany - 100% Made in Europe.

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  • Development and sustainability

    DIEBLAST SYSTEMS strives to increasingly emphasize respect for the environment and, moreover, to make its production as ecological and energy efficient as possible.

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  • applications

    DIEBLAST SYSTEMS provides its customers with products for a wide range of applications, including abrasive for soft cryogenic deburring, burr removal with nylon abrasive, etc.

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