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Abrasif cryogénique

Established in 1992, the company was initially formed as a research and development facility in the field of monofilament, fiber reinforcements for plastic materials and rubber. Dieblast Systems is the brand for a range of durable, high performance abrasives made from engineered polymers and polymer alloys.


Under the DIEBLAST SYSTEMS brand, our products are now used worldwide in a range of diverse applications.

The company has the ability to develop blast media to meet the specific needs of each application in the rubber, aerospace, medical, automotive and foundry industries.


Dieblast Systems products are manufactured exclusively by Profile Deflashing Compounds Limited in England and Germany. These are available worldwide through a range of partner companies who hold specialist knowledge of our industry.


The rapid development of cryogenic technology has placed Dieblast Systems as a leader in this field. With partners located around the world, Dieblast Systems products can be found in over 30 different countries.


Many multinational companies in the rubber industry require the same high quality cryogenic deburring systems at each of their various manufacturing sites. Dieblast Systems is happy to provide not only the specialized products to achieve this goal, but also the logistics and technical service required in these markets.


Our entire product range is compatible with the world's leading manufacturers of turbine or compressed air spray equipment. Many machine manufacturers recommend Dieblast Systems for the quality of their consumables.


Dieblast Systems remains an independent and family manufacturer, not part of a group. Our main ambition is the satisfaction of all customers, which is why you can count on:

  • Our responsiveness : Dieblast Systems responds quickly to your requests.
  • Our flexibility : Dieblast Systems adapts solutions to your wishes.
  • Our adaptability : Dieblast Systems adapts to all your problems.
  • Our multi-skills : Dieblast Systems has a dynamic and professional production team.
Lieux de production Dieblast SAS